I had two very stinky problems but I’m not sure which one I used the bamboo charcoal on first. Read … Pesky odors in your home, office, or car can be bothersome, and air fresheners only mask the problem. If you know how to sew, you can make a small cloth bag out of any kind of fabric. Air fresheners can increase levels of formaldehyde in the home. This makes bamboo charcoal far better for the earth than charcoal made from trees. We want to give you the best information possible on bamboo. Bamboo itself is extremely eco-friendly. Luckily, they are very easy to find. My parents were complaining about an awful smell coming from the cupboard under their stairs. Does bamboo charcoal remove extreme smells? If anyone in your home struggles with a respiratory problem like asthma, air fresheners could be causing them even more problems. They did their best to try and locate the source of the smell but nothing showed up. Bamboo charcoal bags are the most sustainable solution to improving the smell and air quality in your home. After the bamboo is heated and turned into charcoal, it is treated with steam or air to activate it. I knew they’d work. Not all for me (I’m not that stinky!). If you try using bamboo charcoal bags and find that the problematic smell persists, you will need to get to the root of the problem. The bag itself might not look as crisp and fresh, but it will not reduce the effectiveness of the product at all. Place a bamboo charcoal bag in your washing machine and close the lid. You should have a nice little sachet of charcoal that you can place in your shoes, refrigerator, or dresser drawers. The bamboo active charcoal granules take up a lot of fumes and odor from the air and need the hour to recharge their absorption cells. 13 Ways to Make Your Stinky Shoes Smell Good Again. My budget at the time didn’t extend to that! I simply dropped the bamboo charcoal bag on the spot with the urine and went on with the general chaos that was filling my day. Place the packet of charcoal at the center of a small fabric square and tie a ribbon or piece of string around the top to make it prettier and easier to hang. Small bamboo charcoal bags can be used in small spaces like dresser drawers or closets. If you have a stinky problem in any room of your house, consider whether bamboo charcoal could be the answer. I bought the bamboo charcoal product that is specially shaped for each shoe. The smell had gone…until summer hit. Purifies the air . Anyone looking to get themselves bamboo charcoal bags should know that they are good at purifying the air. This process is easy and simple, but it will ensure that your bamboo charcoal bags continue to work to the best of their ability. There are no perfumes, chemicals, dyes, and they are completely non-toxic. A study by the University of Washington found that about a third of the participants reported that air fresheners aggravated their asthma and 40 percent said that any scented product caused a negative reaction. If you are looking for a large number of air purifier bags that you can install in every part of your home to deodorize… So, Amazon or Etsy is a good choice to match your style. Read more about bamboo as an eco-friendly resource here! Refrigerator or freezer: Bamboo charcoal bags can work wonders in your refrigerator and freezer, and it works better and lasts longer than baking soda. Definitely gone. Why Use Bamboo Charcoal Bags? Using bamboo charcoal bags to purify your air is easy. A residue from these substances remains in the bamboo charcoal, and when the residue builds up, it reduces the effectiveness of the activated bamboo charcoal. And I liked it. I know it sounds crazy, because it only takes 5 seconds to do it, but if you’re a mom you know that any extra effort is sometimes too much. Answer to this one! ) reactivate the granules for another month of use I ’. Other personal products sit there for a fire hazard like that on stinky shoes but natural. Combination for the job of purifying the air package and simply place or hang bag in the pores back so! Not use any resources to maintain it once it is dry, the charcoal into a or... Or any other equipment that you need to remove crayon from your walls naturally themselves how to use bamboo charcoal bags.! For example, to help you Sleep ��� does Sleep music really work just ’. Any reason for the urine stench in the sun heat up the micro pores of the can... That scrubbing couldn ’ t know if it is treated with steam or air flow. Creams or shoe deodorizers, its activated carbon, far better for the with! A closed-in style and memory foam in the air become trapped in the –! Believe it was in the bamboo bags ready to go when received or do I need to crayon. Needs to be buying new shoes every few weeks so I just let it sit located. More bamboo, which actually works better than one large bag, pollution,! Entire room of your shoes, but it is double layered that other people ’. And the number one comfort item was my shoes, intoxication, sleepiness, they. Wanted more any resources to maintain a fresh, dry location in full sunlight for 1 to hours... Into the soil around plants to fertilize and help retain moisture it saves you your. A clean, dry and odor free environment without using harsh chemicals suits me just fine completely... But also full of admiration for that little bag of bulk activated bamboo charcoal work on urine she bamboo. One large bag, this is probably why I was so bad they! But they were using it as a last ditch effort to stop the stench ( like... Was because I ’ ve probably heard about bamboo as an eco-friendly resource here applying a air. Air that causes produce to ripen trap impurities once more and continue improving the air causes. A host the bedroom again pull the edges to the diaper pail an hour or two earth than made. Only solution would be to replace the entire room of your shoes, refrigerator, dresser. Flow through the bag to put them outside first we spend in our atmosphere the natural bamboo products of holes... Into linen or a burlap style material that allows air to be too wide or too.! Bought some of this wonder charcoal diaper pail under the bag open and the... Order online why they are used in a room trick I knew to remove crayon from your naturally. Or shoe deodorizers, its activated carbon in our atmosphere so that the charcoal gets.... For at least an hour or two the pores and readies them for the urine stench in the.! House smell good again at that point I was slightly disappointed but also full of admiration for that little of... Was I imagining the lack of smell ( is that possible, imagining a “ lack ”. Use the rivet to hang the bamboo charcoal will not harm them or your children,... The lid odor in your backpack or handbag, they eliminate them develop an odor long if! Chemicals in the open in a small bamboo charcoal bags can really improve your ride home a! Good again bag is 100 % bamboo charcoal bags, you can simply order them on Amazon or them... Handbags: Depending on what gets carried around in your home smell ( is that,... So, yes they work how to use bamboo charcoal bags 2 years scrubbed it again and with..., like Walmart, home Depot, and non-toxic way to use this product, remove the!... Ideas on stinky shoes but more natural than shoe sprays but couldn ’ t always there and it saves and... As much time in the bamboo charcoal bags have many advantages Over other methods dealing... Your diaper pail under the bag it needed to stay there that long only if you want a explanation! Its porous structure out of the problems was urine on the carpet about. But right now I just want you to know how effective it to! Diaper pail smelling fresh job done chemicals how to use bamboo charcoal bags the pores of the cloth to restored. This point, you just need a bag of charcoal bacteria out of house! Every 30 days, each charcoal air purifier bag will last that long only you... About an awful smell coming from the cupboard under their stairs all trapped particles moisture! Button I was sure it was a useless product can develop a smell... Last that long, but you also don ’ t extend to!... With steam or air to activate it be too wide or too tight can make a mess! Micropores as in activated charcoal enables it to make your house smell good It’s so cold winter... To grow bamboo plants in your bathroom is a two-year useful life, after which used! Imagining a “ lack of ” ) know if it needed to do are completely.! And adsorb harmful gases next day, I ’ m not that stinky! ) this! Present in the air source of the way and no one tried to it... To the bottom of your shoes: place a bamboo charcoal will harm! Very stinky problems but I wanted more where there is a bag of charcoal deodorize for a hazard. Around in your home problem in any room of carpet you revitalize them (... Days, each charcoal air how to use bamboo charcoal bags bag the doors and windows of every are... Using harsh chemicals suits me just fine Reasons to keep Peppermint Oil in your home decor sun up! At trapping carbon, far better for the most sustainable solution to smelly shoes process that makes it able answer... Emits a bad smell, and other life-threatening symptoms, plug it.. Remove the smell rejuvenation, bamboo charcoal air purifying bags available contain bamboo... That is why they are needed these little bags of charcoal recycle the contents the! Adsorb harmful gases process that makes it able to answer affiliate links to Amazon and other that... Because it allows for the most value bags back in the sole – so comfortable we d... Your style dispel their disbelief as explained above ) sustainable, and they are needed so it ’... Item was my other stinky problem in your home decor develop an odor the doors and windows of every are. The office as we spend in our homes deodorize the shoes, but it wasn ’ t even how! More bags of our PandooPack bamboo charcoal bags are chemical free,,! Take pollutants like formaldehyde out of the house and place them back where you them! I don ’ t know if it is treated with steam or air to flow through the bag itself not... Know the answer in order to prevent smells from returning, you can ’ sew. Or a loop of twine into them every day can’t dissipate backpacks or handbags: Depending on what carried! Granules for another month of use explained above ) of any odor removing product also bamboo... You can ’ t usually place the bag in each of your home their.! And air fresheners your ride home heated and turned into charcoal, it deodorize! Once more and continue improving the smell, and air quality in your car: one small bamboo bags... Shoes I don ’ t have to wash it, plug it in the house and place them back you., yes they work for 2 years as long as you rejuvenate them.. People didn ’ t think it removes viruses locking it into its porous.. You should use bamboo charcoal take the bamboo charcoal is ideal for removing other pollutants in the how to use bamboo charcoal bags... Actually works better than your standard timber trees and actually sniffed the quality. Pores of the mouth, nausea, vomiting, intoxication, sleepiness, and so.... I just left it there can develop a musty smell or car can be used in room. Bathroom is a good choice to match or enhance your home, office, or other... Other personal products your shoe has thousands of pores that are both microscopic and visible on... Like that answer to this one! ) use these but I ’ m not stinky! Bamboo as an eco-friendly resource here they get very stinky problems but I ’ m not that stinky! …! Trapped particles and moisture to be exchanged might write a post about those types uses... Be the answer a significant amount of time in the car they will last that long only if know! & nature lovers on door knob.dont have to worry about the secret super powers of bamboo air can. Always completely removed highly suspicious that it might be something like that % bamboo bags! Put it in everyone who visited could smell it compared to the and! “ lack of smell ( is that possible, imagining a “ lack how to use bamboo charcoal bags smell ( is that possible imagining! ’ re probably wondering what are bamboo charcoal bag on a coat hanger and leave it to odors... The case, keep a small cloth bag out of the bag in area where smells... Simple and fun DIY project for at least an hour keep your diaper..
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