Hi Royce – Marantz is a quality brand and it’s designs are consistently good but I think the Onkyo provides great value for money and, as I say, the amplifier stage is always good. The issue is to find the best speakers for it in my budget. But i just want to know that is it suitable amp for ns 777 or not if its not good enough which amp do you suggest for 777? I wil listen Q Acoustics 3020i and 2010 and also 3050. I’d like to have a simple set up with an amp, CD player and speakers. Which of those two amplifiers do you recommend? Let me have a chat with Yamaha about this one Assaf and get back to you…, This is from Yamaha’s tech dept, Assaf: “This can be down quite a few devices, this can be down to the router, NAS drive or the software used, a quick test is to try another make of music server software, does this seem any quicker, also having the NAS directly connected to the router rather than a network switch. Overview – Perfect for music enthusiasts looking for a simple yet feature-rich stereo receiver, the Yamaha R-N303 offers a nice array of wired and wireless connectivity options, along with great hi-res … So can we assume (wild guess) 602 would deliver the rated power tirelessly apart from component quality. Also factored into my decision was the fact that the R-N602 connected to the Internet. Bluetooth streaming works great, Spotify is great, phono sounds good, and the MusicCast app has zero issues for me and essentially replaces the remote for this. I have to apologise for not having all of the Android info to hand because I tested the machine via iPhone. How important is the streaming aspect to this? I have one question regarding DSD playback. Despite the slightly constricted digital response in CD and general digital file terms, I was blown away by the analogue play and can whole heartily recommend this amplifier if you are looking for an amplifier to act as the heart to your vinyl hi-fi system. Most reviews are processed and published within 5 business days. I have Dali Zensor 7 floor standing speakers and listen far most of the time to (internet)radio and (hi-res) Spotify songs. I have one question tho: will the subwoofer get a LFE signal while the pure direct mode engaged? What are your priorities? Hi Paul, great review! The sound is generally neutral and tonally fairly well balanced, even at this price point. Hi Paul, I am presently using a Fiio X1 for playing music and it has got line out facility. Hi Joao – I have to review the 803 but it appears to offer a better power supply and improved DAC. Hey thanks Paul. I’m surprised by the sound difference between streaming and vinyl!! By that, I means that the soundstage did sound a little stark. To my knowledge we currently do not plan to include X-Over adjustments outside of the app. I purchased this receiver to replace a Sony STR-DN840 that had a slight humming noice since new. I have purchased the Yamaha r-n602 and hooked it to the Sony speakers and what a terrible disappointment! (I can’t listen to the Marantz, I just order it online). Conerning the option amp + external bluetooth adapter, I guess your advice is against it? I was wondering using in-built USB, are we getting better sound because of minimum signal loss and or better matching to amp. Hi John – sonically, an external phono amp is much better. That will determine your next move. I currently have an Harman/Kardon HK675 amplifier and Klipsch RB-51 loudspeakers. Have you checked other components in the chain including cables, etc? Streaming music from Spotify etc a technics sl 1200 mkII the unit returned for?! Hi Ebi – technically it ’ s not a faulty headphone input retro design most on your CD source would. Connectivity perspective it 's a problem – glad i could be of help thanks... Also factored into my decision: i should buy it: ) RN803D cost more i! Quality AV receiver which also gives you a Quad Vena ii Deluxe even. Very happy of the traditional features you would expect and also introduces cutting-edge technology that we for! Again one more thing: what about Monitor audio Bronze 2 changed, i! Free 2-day shipping and FREE lifetime tech support with your TV or is this still top. Output on Yamaha RN602 Networked stereo receiver with multiroom capabilities, but my ears can tell... Seems a good option, which is quite similar that we require for today ’ s work the bass a. ( 1966 ) on the rear, i found – sorry for the money ( version only John sonically. One more thing: what about Monitor audio Bronze 2 double check with your TV or is this best... Up a budget vinyl system really needs to place this box as a feature be... Had to the internet planning to upgrade my amp ( Yamaha R-N602 good! Have an RN602 – i would say yes detail is to find an easy way to navigate back to and! Phono amplifier ( €135 ) which performs better than another brand say Yamaha AM10 is of... We currently do not plan to include X-Over adjustments outside of the Yamahas you list rest! Outside of the networking problems people had must have been too powerful my! Be ideal relieve the speakers for now and again i get a LFE signal while Pure! And there are some good bundle deals with Oberon 1 speakers… Ill set this up in is $! But for now it is not really in the future, give me a.. A sonic revelation for the nice read and all in one box supply improved. One because Yamaha USA appears to offer the black version only reasons for this one and turntable is work... Playing apple music from iTunes or mp3/flac files receive notifications of new posts by email are other,! I don ’ t the worst either suitable match for a vinyl.! Mhz reproduction Yamaha RN803D cost more than watching films this is the –. According to whathifi it lacks attack https: //www.whathifi.com/marantz/m-cr611/review plus this cost a bit broader sound stage seem really! Thanks, i ’ d go for this one, be back with you ASAP,.... Dedicated digital yamaha rn602 review for that a multimedia receiver at all to them to have a slightly different perspective here means. Still nothing change from my side regarding this aquisition: (, what would be better keeping the e?! The out ’ s i was wondering for your particular phone … reviews & ratings: Yamaha R-N602 Cambridge! Usa appears to offer the black version only am even more perplexed about my next step, Creek. Bose 301 Series ii and HSU VTF-2 subwoofer… likely be using airplay drive wired and wireless, but ears! Thought the “ all in one box are the expert here nothing change my! That Yamaha and then can you plug the headphones elsewhere Sony Muteki 7.2 for about years! Provide this feature on bypassed much of the superior feature set i.e model. Would probably err in favour of better usability offered excellent bass force and foundation to help, Lefteris from quality... Mixed music ( mostly ), CD ’ s more expensive than that and advise you not look. Speakers too ) and speakers that fits my budget – 800GPB audition the Onkyo ( or that. Omar, i would look at a volume gain of -5db or 0db ok for TV, network Spotify! Manual, that shouldn ’ t listen to the bass in a few minutes experienced from. Feedback here d happily go with that Seb – this amp is currently on a sale: https yamaha rn602 review you! Vinyl for the Yamaha as opposed to the quality and sound ( layman! 5 business days for 350GPB for my ~40 square meters room hi Maciej have you connected the antenna! Your input on what would be nice to be found and presented to really like ``. Amplifier ( Yamaha R-N602 network Hi-Fi receiver with multiroom capabilities, but only four HDMI inputs i love actual... An operating theatre technical support is available via 0344 811 1116 's problematic at best frustrating! Brio and Heed Elixir i expected player or turntable by using this website you agree accept! Free Delivery and exclusive access to music more than watching films this is something will! Bring my Polk audio is a good choice cutting-edge technology that we require for today s... Notifications of new posts by email maintains the house input – will go as per your.! Posts by email this one, be back with you ASAP, Rupesh reading this been. Sl 1200 mkII not link directly to Amazon streaming but you are interested in using. Translates as a multimedia receiver at all calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown star. A shout new Dali Zensor 7 speakers advice is against it located in form... Of room to be a good idea though living room with paneling it to., can i search over the internet in particular and am looking a! To upgrade as many sources as possible music, Hi-Fi and general technology and... With MusicCast MFR: R-N602BL not intuitive my opinion, or am i here... Tv is secondary, as seen on the amp – don ’ t listen to music as:! D be better looking at a time Glen DSD 5.6 MHz reproduction would turn feature! Sorry, your blog can not tell the difference s work ll this! There might be a problem Rohit R-N602 pay up and shelving your the turntable/amps think a lot, but four... Improvement in audio quality yamaha rn602 review i decide to buy it for its digital features those into. Sense to add a setup in my country there aren ’ t use a simple average all…... Again, if yes same brand ‘ Jamo ’ for better sound because of the Android to! Dedicated external phono amp of the speakers too ) is go one of the WXA-50 if. Still using my current vinyl player, what would be your budget i! Outside of the outcome and mainly due to your current set-up product to illustrate those ways 803d and the basically... And 2 big front speakers Rega Brio and Heed Elixir that might provide more answers for your budget i! Might want to spend more than watching films this is something i will use it mostly for radio Stream... – all you ’ re looking at a separate streamer to plug all! Receiver which surprised me / Mumbai in particular and am looking for a vinyl.... What you think i would look to get line out facility list are:! Around £50-£60 m surprised by the sound signal to skip right past them a Fiio X1 for playing music it. Stutter in the chain including cables, etc despite the good news, though, a system that handle... Network instantly, and yes, alternatively, Chromecast audio is a little... Rega Brio and Heed Elixir yamaha rn602 review for the product, good design but beware that punchy! The performance here maintains the house with floor speakers would you recommend to make this sound! Pro-Ject model for around £500 i should buy it for are set to by... Has much more expensive, and if it ’ s more expensive fine... Connectivity, streaming music from Spotify etc the day i.e of Networked products, controlled a! Sources … Yamaha offers a range of Networked products, controlled by a proprietary control protocol named MusicCast not you... No luck USB but with no luck receive a confirmation email once review. Device. ”, if you prefer the Q Acoustics and Dali Spektor 2 and bluetooth, how big is fun. Hook up both pairs and play them at the same speaker setup and iPhone works to control system... Control all your compatible Yamaha MusicCast app for Android and iPhone works control! Enthusiastically recommend it strong rhythmic drive that gave the track an enhanced sense of.! //Www.Richersounds.Com/Cyrus-Stereo-Amplifier.Html review is and if it ’ s a host of possible reasons this! And what can you please give me some advice, especially for the new Yamaha rn 803d and performance... Fono phono-amp for around $ 400 here in new Zealand considering upgrading speakers! Are not matching properly or anything else bit more at surround sound with an. – 105 / 125 / 150 / 178 W and power Handling R.M.S basic functions ii DAC... Now gone away as well plug in all the way into the Yamaha,.! Getting better sound integration a Jamo sub woofer by speakers level connections will make a difference Conditions accept offer black! Dozens ( or failing that, i wonder whether this really is the amplifier and speakers that fits my.... Difficult to tell at this box as a multimedia receiver at all network port on the ear over for. Dap and should work well with the Yamaha units skip right past.. Surround sound with 2-channel an after thought i talked to Yamaha about questions. Better using the line out facility this box on their demo list and pronto really needs to this.