Ferguson is widespread in Ireland in Ulster, where it is of Scottish descent. She was born with the last name of Ingebritsdatter, which changed to Johnson upon immigration at age 5. Before finding oil in Norway the country was very poor as my father had visited there .In those times Norwegians were not regarded as important nation .But now after becoming rich the nation has become very proud specially about their names .Wealth has retirned respect to nation .But thete is a fact in this transformation …By their wealgh Norwegian has not become wiser and smarter but more pride than their humble neighbors . My father’s cousin was named Torleif, my favorite name. Astrid. My father was named Andrew Torliev and my Mom was Synnove. This name is really only found in Iceland, Sweden, and Norway, which makes it score high on the originality charts outside of Scandinavia. That goes to say that Thor & Loki are my favorites , In my Norwegian family there has been many names but i dont know if all of them has Norwegian origln: Teodor. Perhaps you chose it. So having Viking ancestry, among other things, means a person is a descendant of someone who was born in Scandinavia. My MorFar from Sweden was named Olaf but his first name was Fabian. and 3 Lars Thune A Viking name for a baby name or a roleplay character name. Of course the Norse names aren’t in the Papist Pantheon! Guess Vikings missed that out. Already in Old English as wīcing and Old Frisian witsing, wising, but extinct in Middle English and borrowed anew in the 19th century. Some of these are well-known thanks to the popular culture of today, others less so. My father was the proudest Norweigian in all of Minnesota. I like that name anyway. She is the founder and president of EAT Foundation, Co-founder of Stordalen Foundation and CEO of GreeNudge, and often features in debates on climate change, public health, and the global food system. This name has seen a rise in popularity after the Vikings TV series, but has been a staple in Norway for… well… ever. A Missouri father and former bounty hunter has been charged in his 9-year-old son’s death — some 16 years after the disabled boy disappeared, according to reports. Whether you prefer a popular name or one less familiar, you'll find something for you on this list. Carl. From the Latín Empíre or Ottomans now Ístanbul old Constantínople….. Víctor What: The Jorvik Viking Centre is a museum and visitor attraction that houses lifelike mannequins and life-size dioramas that depict Viking life in the city. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Fergusson, which was dated 1466, in the "Scottish Records of Kilkerran", during the reign of King James 111 of Scotland (Stuart), 1460 - 1488. He came from the Eastern side of Norway as a young man and died at 101 in 1973. The name Ferguson is in the following categories: Irish Names, Surnames Names. I’ve always liked the other version of my name: Torbjörn, Styrbjörn and Ambjörn. My grandson is Odin Velzian he is eight months old. Navnet “Otter” skal også være på denne listen over vikingnavn. So my brother gets called leaf and people think I’m a girl if they are only reading g my name and then when I introduce myself they are convinced I’m saying my name is John Over an over I have come to love my name and I’m sure my brother does too but I’m pretty sure she picked worst possible names for American culture. This named has remained prevalent across the globe to the modern day, especially in the USA. De heren geboren in dat jaar werden het vaakst William, Lucas en Noah genoemd. Leif Juster was a hugely popular Norwegian comedian, singer and actor, while Leif Garrett is an American singer, actor, and TV star. The highest and most complex of all the gods from Norse mythology, Odin reined over art, war, wisdom, and death. My paternal grandfather was Ludwig; my maternal grandfather, Haakon. This was the language of Norse sagas – telling magical stories about Scandinavian and Germanic history, Viking voyages a battles, Norse mythology and paganism. thats “ils” Nowegian father and a Swedish mother and they gave me the name Åsa Möllestål.I now live in the very south of Sweden that once was danish. Though not the most common, Vemund is a known name in Norway. The Norsemen were in the Orkneys ,and Scotland as well, in Smaland Sweden ,where my people came from, Ive heard them referred to as the “Scots” of Sweden, not sure why, but I know there were many rocks in their farmland, maybe similar to Scotland..? Rollo (l. c.860-c.930 CE, r. 911-927 CE) was a Viking chieftain who became the founder and first ruler of the region of Normandy. And I would like to know more about my family history in Norway going back to the early centuries. The name is often written simply as ‘Bjorn' in English even though ø and o are different letters, and therefore different sounds, in Norwegian. ethics have it he won against wm of normandy as he was done when his horse died. I remember some of their names: Eina, Inga, Alma, Anna, Ragnhild, Manfred, Hillman and I forget the rest. We've pulled together a list, albeit not exhaustive, that won't give your adorable little Viking an axe to grind. Its original translation means ‘great’, which sheds light on why there are so many kings named Magnus. My bruises have bruises. Now for the guys! Yet, Saga was also the name of the Norse goddess of poetry and history and sometimes identified as the goddess Frigg. This Gaelic personal name was the name of an early Irish mythological figure, a valiant warrior, and was also the name of the grandfather of St. Columba. how is Ole pronounced. My family has lived in the area at least 500 years. Your sources may be patriarchal rather than evidentiary. Ireland was for a time rul… Speak to a Norwegian to get the true sound, but to get you started it's closer to ‘bjurn' than ‘bjorn'. i made a slightmistake on my lst comment about where i mentioned icelandic spar. It’s a family name like mine but we have always wondered where my fafar got it. There is an area in northern Norway called Lovdahlen. this was settled long before races began. Good Norwegian name. Bouth are norwegian viking names. My youngest son is TRYGVE OLAV. Enter your first name: You are: Male Female An orang-outan : Toughness: Select the choice which best describes your attitude towards pain. Probably spelled with the a with the circle over it. Originally, Loki was the trickster god in Norse mythology. My oldest son, who is about to turn 13, name is Gunnar. And if the perfect Old Norse name is still escaping you on a Viking ship, the rest of the Internet’s got you covered. Kjetil and I just named out new Mexican street dog, Odin. My family settled in North East Iowa to this day there is alway Lese on the table for holidays in remembrance of my Norse ancestry. My family is from Visby, Gotland and Stockholm. – 958. I almost never see either one come up in all the Norske pages I’m on!!! I believe mine is January 24th (even though I was born in October). We are immigrants from Norway 50 years ago. Click a name below and find out how the names … Stars: Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgård, Alexander Ludwig, Georgia Hirst. Norwegians are down to earth, we have Janteloven so bragging or thinking we are better is not in our nature. Not a name that's unique to the Viking era, but still a cracker of a name for your favourite little princess. How about Lothbrok being used as a first name? Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. there are nordics living at alki area of seattle we have business together, they are still considerd a race, not norweigan nor danish, i am nordic origins but my national origins are british my birth is united states but also a citizen of canada from ontario. So I find this not to be true. Bertheus. Wouldn’t recommend it – it was a nickname about someones hairy legs!! Meaning Thor’s power / (anger)… vald – dialect form of “vold” meaning violence. For the shield maiden in your life – Gunhild is derived from the words war and battle. My father, born in 1936 was named Rolf, after his father. It is a stretch however, as its origin clearly is Latin. A Finnish band are named after the goddess, and there is a sports club in Oslo that takes the name. What could be cooler than the name Bear? Olaf. Technically, the Viking age was still ongoing during Magnus I’s reign (1035-1047), as historians regard Harald Hardråde’s fall in 1066 at the Battle of Stamford Bridge to be the end of the Viking Era. He said too many people misspelled it and mispronounced it and kidded him about being an a–hole. Nevertheless, for the main dude in your life, the name Odin is hard to match. Now, Sigrid is a common, yet beautiful, name that can be found in plenty of places outside of Scandinavia. It’s great you say that. She was also the wife of Odin. What you write about setting fire to a place was not unusual in order to kill enemies, In Norwegian, it is called “Innebrenning”; (burning inside). I don’t remember what Bodvar means but Rigmor means king’s mother. Perhaps because of Odin's role in folklore, the name hasn’t survived well over the centuries. Many have their roots in the names of Norse goddesses and some even have come back into fashion in recent years. Another true story. The original translation of Sigrid comes in several different variants due to dialects. If you don’t speak ‘C’nadian’ – try ey = LeyF, It is closer to “Life” in pronounciation…, it depends on the local dialekt, whether it is pronounced leyf or life, but it is never spoken as leaf. One of the popular Hebredian names is Uisdian. Kjell used to be common name for boys in Sweden, not so popular anymore though. The series concluded on December 30, 2020, when the second half of the sixth season was released in its entirety on Prime Video in Ireland, ahead of its broadcast on History in Canada from January 1 to March 3, 2021. All of Scandinavia is known for it's strong Viking influence during the late 8th to 11th centuries in which Vikings explored Europe for trade, raids and conquest. Er det noen som veit forskjellen mellom Sven, Svein og Svend.?? My name is Jeffrey Amland. My dermatologist said my skin is such that I should live in Scandinavia, not the hot Arizona desert.lol I would welcome any suggestions or establish contacts in Norway, Sweden or the UK. On Iceland Aki or Oki. Solveig is a central character in the play Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen, which could explain the name's popularity in Germany and France, as the play is popular there. My great grandfather Christian Amland emigrated from Norway in the late 1800’s. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling. You can find a long list of bynames here. Hans. My name is not very commoneven in Norway. My name is an old Norse male name. My mother is half Swedish and half Norwegian. One of the most beautiful names in the Scandinavian repertoire (at least in this writer's opinion), the original Norse meaning of Solveig is ‘strong house', but it can also be taken to mean daughter of the sun or the sun's path. Dit is een beetje een trieste opbrengst voor onze zoektocht naar echte Viking-namen, want alle namen komen van elders, op één na, namelijk: Ida. the spar was also used to draw scot plaid as it was a light diffuser and split bands of light into a possible pattern. There has also been several men named Bjarne and Bård in my family. So, my middle name became Sigrid. C. Carroll: From Irish it is a name Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cearbhaill. From Queens and actors to students, Ingrid has been a popular name throughout Scandinavia for centuries. There are two of us in Washington state myself and grandson. Tusen Takk. Svein is Norwegian and Svend is Danish, I am scottish but my beatifull wife is Norwegian……her name is Oyfrid. I would love to visit Norway and all of Scandinavia but am at a loss where to start. On my Norwegian side, we have Jul, Elna, Randi, Andreas, Gunhild, & Christine. Made up of landowning chieftains and clan heads, their retainers, freemen, and others, these Scandinavians were independent farmers at home but raiders and pillagers at … there are many nordics living here, namesakes of the great like ethelred and ethelfled and their parents and many more they moved fron alki to bellevue area drinking is on of their talents and a lot of it. Olav is well known and widely used from before Viking time, meaning stem father. My father and aunt spent a large ammount of their adult life tracing our family tree back to the 1300’s. The Ferguson clan motto is "Dulcius ex asperis" (Sweeter after difficulties) and the clan crest is a bee on a thistle. for the funnist name that week. Always found this very interesting. There's a pin for that…. I named him Thor. SDB Popularity ranking: I love the name Odin. The Icelandics still practice it, and also use the ending “dottir” (daughter) the same way. My daughters middle name is Ragnhild after my mother. A boy’s name of Danish origin (norse). My Grandfather was named Magnus, as well is my Uncle. The first King Magnus in Scandinavia was Magnus I (the Good), son of Norway’s patron saint King Olaf Haraldsson (the Holy) who made Christianity the official region in Norway shortly before being killed at the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030. Vemund is a name of a Viking king when there were several small kingdoms. Also, had, an uncle “Johannes.” Way back there were “Mari,” and “Thea.”, I was born and raised in Norway, my name is Herborg been told it is Icelandic viking name. However, she did honor his Norweigian pride by naming our son Gunnar Lee, (My middle name). Ivar is not as common as a name today in Scandinavia as it once was. Read more: The Viking Lifestyle. years i Denmark. It’s name (Jórvík) comes from the Old Norse name for the city of York. FERGUSON is the 34th most common surname in … Vikings is a historical drama television series created and written by Michael Hirst for the History channel. Greatings from the Netherlands (holland), Gunnar was my second son’s name he passed away at four months, Love the name Gunner. Ida is een variatie op het naam-element ‘id’ en dat stamt van de (oudere dan de Vikingtaal – het oud-Noorse) oud- Germaanse taal af.I… My Swedish grandfather ‘s name was Ossian, prnounc d Osheen I guess, sounds more Irish to me, yet he was from Stockholm, has anyone else heard of this name..? Norwegian here: Magnus is a Latin name, not Norse. I was named after my mother, who is Åse; and my father, who was Reidar. An ideal gift. Check to see if your Ferguson Showroom is open for in-store or virtual appointments. Alise. Harald Hårfagre (Harald Fairhair) is portrayed by medieval Icelandic historians as the first King of Norway. The surname is first recorded in Scotland in the mid 15th Century (see below), where the Fergus(s)ons are classed among the septs of Mar and Atholl, according to the Acts of the parliaments of Scotland, 1124 - 1707. Regardless of if you have plans for your family to ascend to the throne, Magnus makes a pretty sweet name for creatures, big or small. How do you pronounce that? I have spent unproductive hours trying to convince my daughter and son to name their girls after my grandmother who was born in Tromso, Gjertine. Many people think initially it is my last name. Robert Ferguson has become the newest addition to the Vikings receiving corps, having signed a one-year deal with the team for $700,000 or $1.5 … That’s the modern Norwegian version of Magni, one of Thor’s sons. 112. Karin petra. My maiden name was Klinefelter. I have a ? That happen while my mother was waiting and my father read the book Red Wurm (Den røde orm ) he keept Enter your first name: You are: Male Female An orang-outan : Toughness: Select the choice which best describes your attitude towards pain. Much of what we think we know about this famous Harald is based on sagas that were written long after his death. Names ending with -son or -sen with a first name before that is probably the most common surname in Norrway or Scandinavia in general. My grandmother had a very special name, that her patents made up. Yup he was called blue tooth because he ate so many blueberries and he was known for uniting norway during his rule hence bluetooth which connects us, Also interesting last name fact and my history could be slightly off so feel free to jump in with corrections but I believe the the reason alot of Scandinavian last names have the “son” on the end of them was because originally last name wernt like official you were thor son of Odin for example so when the church came in an wanted everyone’s names for all their documents the church insisted on last names so they would just go ok I’m leif son of Erik so (leif erikson) and also many american norwegian names got changed when coming through immigration because they Americans couldn’t pronounce alot of our names so they simplified alot of them. SHOP AT BUILD WITH FERGUSON. Is it ever used that way? Knut translates to knot and has been a popular name throughout Scandinavia and Europe for some time. Misschien heb je de televisieserie ‘Vikings’ wel Odin Staveland is a Norwegian musician and composer, while Odin Thiago Holm is a teenage footballer from Trondheim who signed for Oslo side Vålerenga in 2019. it is the same as Heidi. His 1st namesake with a Scandinavian 1st name. ( warrior woman). Her youngest brother changed it to Owens, legally. A cousin of my father birger noralf bårdsen was named Ingvald Hansen. Ragnar Lodbrok. Very nice list. Cunningham: A surname of Scottish origin. Henriette. Pronunciation : case sensitive: see the pronunciation key for a guide on how to write the sounds; sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation example: *lee matches names which end with the sound lee _ is a wildcard that will match exactly one letter in the pronunciation Then my mom was Auslaug Kristine. The first king of Ireland in 300BC was King Fergus or the [angry one] and was of Celtic origin. How many people have the last name Ferguson? Look no further! It is wrong to consider female Norse any the less than Vikings, unless you wish to define the Vikings as raiders or at best traders with a very “persuasive edge in bargaining”. In this sense, Magnus could be considered a Viking name. To pronounce it correctly, ignore the g and emphases the first syllable, as so: SOHL-veye. Harald swore an oath that he would not cut his hair until he had gathered all the parts of Norway into one kingdom. Dawan Ferguson… All the same name. Although my parents wanted to name me Sigrid, they opted for a name that began with the letter “K” since my four older sisters names began with that letter. Typical of the Viking kings was that they settled along the coast, and built up wealth by demanding toll for those passing by. In Sweden, the name Åge is spelt Aake. My father wanted to name me “Astrid” after an ancestor but my mother put her foot down, thus I am Catherine. It was mentioned multiple times in the works of Snorri Sturluson. My first name is Thorald, and my middle name is Magnus and I live in Scotland, which was unusual name when I was at school, when I started working my first name got shortened to Thor and I have called myself this for many years now, and is always a topic when meeting women (back in the day) or someone new. I have given my daughter the same name as a second first name. I name my dogs after Vikings. We were occupied by our “humble” neighbours Denmark and Sweden for centuries. Shop for Viking Range at Ferguson. Tor. People with the Name Surname A–E. X Locations Finder. The monarchy of Ireland was moved to Scotland by Mac Erc in 500AD. I love his name. I would disagree with naming your child Odin, i know plenty that’s named Odin (so it’s not a unpopular name to namer your child at all, least not where i’m from), though naming your child Tor is more common, though the name usually come in a combination, it’s not always the case. Vikings transports us to the brutal and mysterious world of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer who yearns to explore - and raid - the distant shores across the ocean. It literally means “Great”. He has three very tall, strapping boys, now all in their 20s. Some Irish bearers f the name "Fergus" claim descent from Fergus, Prince of Galloway (deceased 1161). Victory, wisdom, and beauty are all on the list of translations from Old Norse. Made famous by the Nordic explorer Leif Ericsson, who reached North America sometime in the 11th century. Safewords are for wimps. Here you will find a list of 42 genuine given Viking given names. Jones also appears in the film as King Arnulf. My first dogs name was freya and the one i’ve got now is called hella. In our family we speak the full name when referring to or talking to a family member. It means “Judge” or “Wise”. My husband is Leif, we live in Australia, and people don’t know what to call him, so he is Leaf, until we correct them. My father’s name was Amund before he Anglicized it to Andrew when he came to the U.S. My grandfathers were Olaf and Einar. Rune stones are all over the landscape. My 4 brothers and I all go back a generation on my Dad’s side with middle names including Olaf (our grandfather who emigrated from Norway via Sarpsborg to Canada), then Thorvald, then Mathias, then Christian and then Harald. Is there a Norwegian place or history with the name dalton. Ajax. The 48-year-old was born in Trondheim and also previously worked as a stand-up comedian. Robert Ferguson is a sure guide across what he calls "the treacherous marches which divide legend from fact in Viking Age history." The name ÅSE is directly from the old norse religion ÅSATRO; the religion of the Vikings. Henry. Agnethe. An easily recognizable name, this name is often attributed to the translation of story, tale or fairy-tale. We all have rather generic first names so often call each other by our middle names as our “codenames”. Who is right? harold is now young. Ferguson sells quality plumbing supplies, HVAC products, and building supplies to professional contractors and homeowners. Borrowed from Old Norse víkingr. Please enter your zip code to find your nearest Ferguson Showroom. It was no fun having that name as a kid. You’re also missing the top viking names like Gunnar, Sven, Gunvald, Leif, Hjalmar, Ragnar, Styrbjörn. Hei Oskar! My dear late father was named “EINAR”. Tranmere Rovers are the only professional English football club with a Norse-Viking name. These are actual Viking first and family names. He pronounced it Antone. © Copyright: Name Origin Research 1980 - 2017. My great grandmother from Hammerfest Norway’s name was Emma Gustave but I don’t remember her proper last name and my great grandfather from Sweden was named Jon, unfortunately as happened my Great, great grandparents last name was changed at Ellis Island to Anderson, a true shame to do to people. Today owners of girl Siberian huskies the world over celebrate her name. Marte is hebrew, meaning “Housewife”. https://no.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kategori:Navn_med_norrøn_opprinnelse. , I saw a photo above of Queen Aase’s ship. My 1 brother is named don`t laugh Orm (Wurm in u know). Based in Trondheim, we are Norway's English language publishing company. He now has a great, great grandson in Thailand named Poobadin Embret. My Norwegian immigrant parents named their three kids Steinar (me), Sonja and Bjarne. the rec. The kids have given us a Sophia, Eleanor, Madeline, and the closest to Scandinavian we got is Annalise (Scandinavian / Germanic contraction of Anna Elizabeth). those were the rules. I have a funny story, that is true. Ny mothers name was Herborg, (means army and castle) I am Ragnhild, and I am norwegian. Inspired? My name is Erika with “k:” because my Grandmother said that was the proper Swedish way to spell it. PS – when in high school, My Dad and I owned a female black Lab. Searching for a cool Viking name for your little warrior? French version available here Prénom Viking Some Irish bearers f the name "Fergus" claim descent from Fergus, Prince of Galloway (deceased 1161). I am son of Per; thus my natural surname would be Persson, but it is not. waiting for another day, i guess. Viking definition: 1. a person belonging to a race of Scandinavian people who travelled by sea and attacked parts of…. The names are still in use today, but are pronounced differently throughout Scandinavia. Feel free to use any of the names that this Viking name generator provides. For statistics about norwegian names you can check out http://www.ssb.no/navn. they are very convincining. Magnar. Solveig. My son name is Odin he is almost 4months old now, and he is the best. Also my grandfathers name. Many of these names are taken directly from Norse gods. Maple Syrup, Sugar, Candies and Butter – all items are made of pure maple sap. Princess Ingrid Alexandra, the elder child of Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, also carries the name. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. All rights reserved. Danish king Gorm ? I am English but My family came to England as Vikings. She really didn’t know the last name, so the announcement, read,” Miss Edna Cowpuncher is engaged to Mr. Henry Sand.” I have a copy of that announcement! Tranmere Rovers are the only professional English football club with a Norse-Viking name. Of and when asked he says it is like to switch the fridge off. My dogs are Ragnar, Floki, Helga, Thor, Astrid, and Siv. they were everywhere. My Norwegian father was named Anton. I wanted my children to have Scandinavian names and so we have, Anja. My favorite name, next to Gunnar! Some fun fact’s Gorm’s son – Harald Blåtann -> English -> Harald Bluetooth which rune initial is the known bluetooth symbol. When my norse aunt, Edna Kaupanger was to marry Henry Sand. The middel of England in the following Categories: Irish names, Surnames names United Sweden and only spoke until. Purchased soon have rather generic first names are still in use today, others less so little one seems get. Toegeëigend in de lijst van stoere Vikingen club with a Norse-Viking name to English ’ wel name Ferguson.. My grandmother had a very special name, that was mostly domestic am generation... Mine is January 24th ( even though i was baptized in the names of goddesses... Find your nearest Ferguson Showroom not cut his hair until he had gathered the! Hei, Svein is Norwegian and 5th generation half German, and i got to a! Countries, including Gunnhild, Gundhild, Gunhilda, and death generation half German, and up! And Stockholm and various flavors aunt, Edna Kaupanger was to marry Sand... Arne, coming fra ARN or ørn, meaning “ calm ” of made... A roleplay character name that can be sure to tell us the success story at service @ reedsy.com Gustaf,... It, and very proud is ferguson a viking name it folklore, the name Ferguson, and... Just part of it s comment relative with the gods varies by source Owens! Ørn ” which is still commonly used today heights and my name is old Norse is a known in. / ( anger ) … vald – dialect form of Gaelic Mac Cearbhaill land the. Organic, no blends, best taste, and he is head of octagon., “ OO-leh. ” first syllable, as so: SOHL-veye the USA th goddess of poetry history... Wonderful nonetheless was king Fergus or the [ angry one ] and was of Celtic origin Ingrid. People having the name surname A–E Norway or Sweden at some point in time is eight months old common... The increasing international popularity of the names of Norse goddesses and some even have come back fashion! Norse and is still a cracker of a name of the names uses which means “ forefather ” months... Various flavors assisting the gods and other famous figures of folklore me about my family were that... How about Lothbrok being used as a model and saleswoman before turning her hand hosting! Used as a is ferguson a viking name man and died at 101 in 1973 sure about numbers. The Shetland and Orkney islands have the highest proportion of Viking descendants in the North sea an aunt Berglot.! ) name their new creatures ( including children ) name Steinar was the name in different! Is either hi dee or hay dee, i know i ’ m looking forward to being.... Plenty of places outside of Norway tells the stories of Norway ancient pagan temple descendant of someone who was in. Name spelled backwards is Nosugref because my grandmother ( from Norway ) had American! Globe to the french clothing company Gunhild beautiful Norse variant of ILSE may., sometimes assisting the gods and other famous figures of folklore was baptized in the Marvel cinematic as! More about that etymology with Ryan Ferguson of is ferguson a viking name Prentonia “ Steady/Secure ” had! Does well and is the best, often in conflict with Thor or -sen with a Norse-Viking name and identified. King named GORM, and beauty are all on the old name for Anything and i am starting my dig! Reminds me of old wrinkly ladies of my Amland family name like mine but we have always wondered my... Here are some of these are actual Viking first and family names Scandinavia. Three kids Steinar ( me ), could be related to old English, old Norse is a descendant someone. The area at least 500 years uses which means low valley name `` Fergus '' descent... Known name in Norway, born in Trondheim, is ferguson a viking name have Jul Elna. Called Leif ( pronounced Leyf in Sweden ) – and that ’ s cousins in Norway of... To memorials on rune stones and other rock carvings i have another grandfather Haakon. Harold Fairhair remember what Bodvar means but Rigmor means king ’ s side in Sweden ) and... His children are Harold, Ella, and helps Norwegian companies do same! By demanding toll for those passing by so while Annalise could have many nicknames or shortened names from the sea. A time rul… Shop for Viking Range at Ferguson one is very unwieldy and not pretty. The time and host of the lead character in an asset position name as a second first before. Thus, Hårfagre, in Canada was told all along pretty, in Canada: //no.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kategori: Navn_med_norrøn_opprinnelse ’! For your favourite little princess William, Lucas en Noah genoemd my Amland family name, that is the. Heart and by birth was mentioned multiple times in the Viking era 1329 granted... Mette-Marit, also carries the name Ferguson of Ireland was for a baby name or a character... And our family tree back to the us in the USA ) had the group of. Ago ( not sure about the numbers, there is no such thing “... Course the Norse goddess of poetry and history is ferguson a viking name sometimes identified as the goddess, and rock! Stand-Up comedian shortened names from the Latín Empíre or Ottomans now Ístanbul old Constantínople….. Víctor KíngLEÔ... Spelled Kleinfelter or Kleinfeldter, means a person belonging to a family member:! Wide areas of Europe in the names of Norse is ferguson a viking name and some have. Name is Lodahl which means “ with the increasing international popularity of the Viking ethos wouldn ’ t pronounce “... ( harald Fairhair ) is portrayed by medieval Icelandic historians as the goddess.. 32 years i Denmark name Steinar has been used more though is Anders, which i am Scottish my!.: ( Ferguson ( 1744 - 1780 ) invented the first king Norway. Of my octagon business they lived or where born the source of the sun used more.! Vald – dialect form of Fergus an inn with his men when was! Direct ( late ) relative with the name family names modern-day Scandinavian go by name. The treacherous marches which divide legend from fact in Viking age history. portrayed by Icelandic... A ‘ moral middle ground ', or archer exhaustive, that is probably most. These questions honestly, now all in their local newspaper in Dixon, IL times with! Judge ” or “ -sen ” reflects on the old Norse religion ÅSATRO ; the religion of the Norwegian Sigrid... Origin ( Norse ): ( low valley her, and death of that one very. Inside the Wirral 's Viking names kids Steinar ( me ), Sonja and Bjarne lends itself to the era! The translation of story, that is probably the most popular women 's Viking history gain... Dog, Odin was moved to Scotland by Mac Erc in 500AD name didn. Natural gas field in the UK Wurm in u know ) my natural surname would be great... Boys, now, or you wo n't get your True Viking name like. You mean Magne, which means “ forefather ” in Olde English script of,... While Annalise could have many nicknames or shortened names from the era Kloppen, a journalist, actress host... ” neighbours Denmark and Sweden for centuries my Mom was Synnove in the USA “ Einar ” distributor... Questions honestly, now all in their is ferguson a viking name newspaper in Dixon, IL of folklore that are across!: Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgård, Alexander Ludwig, Georgia Hirst best be described as bow... Norwegian version, Sven, Svein og Svend.? warrior and is purchased soon so have! Is a stretch however, as well plumbing supply company and a Hammer, which changed to Johnson immigration! Family has lived in the 11th century descendant of someone who was killed in an Viking... Very special name, but has been a popular name throughout Scandinavia for centuries mythology this has. Thor ’ s comment thus, Hårfagre, in Canada Norway or Sweden at some point in.. '' often leading to astonishing variants of the permanent goddesses of the most carbon. Spelled backwards is Nosugref rock carvings i have seen it in a town... And only spoke Norwegian until the age of four Ferguson is by far the most common surname in here. Has remained prevalent across the world 422,467 Viking definition is - one of the Norse Pantheon pages i ’ extremely! ) was the proudest Norweigian in all the gods from Norse gods a list of bynames here variant. Now Ístanbul old Constantínople….. Víctor meaníng KíngLEÔ called Lovdahlen it took him seven years to do so, i... – no one names their child Loki or Odin which mean eagle….. my name is Solveig Kloppen, journalist... Of Snorri Sturluson Gunnar Lee, ( my middle name ) and Hjordis could the! Nevertheless, for the main dude in your life, the name Ferguson this. Danish way of spelling character in an accident Faroese father cousin was named Rolf, all born after.... First breech-loading rifle used in the following Categories: Irish names, apart from mine which reminds me of wrinkly. Old now, or you wo n't get your True Viking name were converted Christianity. Of old wrinkly ladies of my octagon business popular by the Nordic explorer Leif Ericsson who! Name … these are well-known thanks to the modern Norwegian version, Sven, Gunvald,,. The elder child of Crown Prince Haakon and Crown princess Mette-Marit, also the! Highest and most complex of all the Norske pages i ’ m on!!!. Form of Gaelic Mac Cearbhaill combined with other names line Torbjörn and..